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A Story that is Simple, Personal, Humane and Positive.
For CHEWBAHAT, storytelling is the beating heart of every production. It must captivate an audience, allow connections to be made, raise awareness, generate interest, and evoke emotion. Productions created by a community, for a community, are stories that push us to think and see the world around us through a different lens.

Reveal & Inform

Driven by the desire to tell stories, CHEWBAHAT was established with the objective to regroup and share a combined passion for photojournalism, documentaries and new technologies.

By mastering the tools of our generation - the strength of video coupled with the unprecedented growth of web design - CHEWBAHAT creates compelling stories that capture the essence of every narrative.


Our goal? To work with others who adhere to our standards of excellence and quality as well as share our vision of the story’s appropriate context combined with the visual media used in production.

It all begins by an encounter, an enthralling discussion, an exchange about the story. Our key principle is to respect the identity of the authors and partners in production. Telling the essential takes time.

Having fun and being creative go hand in hand.
Chewbahat combines these two forces to create better stories that feature the best-suited technologies.

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"Tell Me and I Will Forget. Show Me and I May Remember. Involve Me and I Will Understand."

Confucius - 450BC
Who are we?

In short, the CHEWBAHAT team (pronounced "choo, bä, haat"), is comprised of a group of highly motivated, eclectic, creative and passionate photojournalists. Oh yes, we also take pride in our impeccable look. This hybrid combination is central to the vision of the lab.

Transmedia Storytelling & i-docs

Gerald founded Chewbahat. He's the one you want to talk to when it comes to multimedia, interactive documentaries and transmedia storytelling.


Gerald Holubowicz has been a photojournalist for more than 10 years for various world reknown photo agencies in France and in the U.S where he lived for about 5 years. Since 2008, Gerald focused on issues related to web documentaries and transmedia storytelling, searching for new techniques that would allow him to tell better stories. Back to Paris in 2010, Gerald got deeply involved in the animation of the Transmedia community in France and beyond. Since 2012 is the lead teacher of the interactive documentary (webdoc) courses at EMI-CFD in Paris and he's the co-founder of the French Chapter of Storycode Paris.

Swiss Knife

Nadia is the high-voltage person in the group. She's also the official researcher when she doesn't take a picture, film or edit.


Nadia is a multimedia journalist. After attending photography courses at Icart, she's quickly published by l'Express, le Nouvel Observateur, M le Mag, Médecin du Monde or Le Progrès. As a journalist, she worked with the french agency CAPA TV and ADR production. Her desire to extand her skills in storytelling leads her to create exhibitions and crossmedia projects with her collective The Womps. Trained to writting techniques, video and sound editing, she contributes to transmedia productions, either as co-author or production director. She also share her passion of journalism and photography when she teaches at the CFJ in Paris as well as at the university.

Sound Addict

Passionate about sound and music, Richard is the guy who knows the DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to audio and video productions.


Richard is a photographer and director. His encounter with photojournalism in 2005 during a trip in the U.S lead him to work with various sport publications in France and Great Britain. Between 2008 and 2012 he became a certified Final Cut trainer and worked for Swiss newspapers like la Tribune de Genève, 24h or Le Temps. Meanwhile Richard developed his passion for photography and video through a series of productions for both the Editorial and the corporate sector. Among these productions, a short documentary about post-traumatic syndrome in Palestine (2010), and a commission by Doctors of the World on the Syrian refugee camps (2013).


Laura is our first Chewbafriend, she's taking part of the Chewbahat experience since the very beginning.


Laura Surroca Vilarnau was born in Barcelona where she studied at the "Ecole des Beaux Arts". She received her degree, specializing in photography after a year spent at the "Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs" in Paris. She moved to the french capital in 2005 to take her photography career to a higher level. Alongside her work as a photographer, Laura also creates multimedia content. Her work has been exhibited in 2010 at the POM + F event, Circulations festival in Paris and Off Festival Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan. She has worked regularly for various magazines in France and Spain, as well as business and social institutions.

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Chewbahat 101.
You like our energy? You’ll love our initiatives even more… yes, that is possible! CHEWBAHAT is a Paris- based multimedia production AND publishing company.


Our primary objective at Chewbahat is to produce captivating stories, and to engage those watching and listening! As original producers, we cultivate our stories while maintaining a creative spirit that remains pertinent to today.


Our self-produced, ‘house’ works are the core of our business. By disseminating our productions online in the form of a collection of micro-sites, we aim to reach the largest audience possible.


You have an idea that you want to come to fruition? Chewbahat can and wants to help those with a similar vision by contributing resources and assistance. Let’s make it happen!


Yes. It’s a buzz word…Transmedia! But did you know that Transmedia is more than a buzz word, but a rich resource that allows for innovative and captivating storytelling?


Interactivity is key in our business and ongoing research. As a complementary tool, we use it to enrich our works when they need it.


Sharing our know-how is also part of the Chewbahat spirit. We organize workshops and training sessions in both private and corporate settings. If you're interested, please Contact us!

Tell Me and I Will Forget. Show Me and I May Remember. Involve Me and I Will Understand.

Confucius, 450BC

Our Clients

    Grozny: Nine Cities a project exploring specific aspects of Grozny’s aftermath through considering them as “cities” hidden within Grozny.
    2014 - Production: Chewbahat - Auteurs: Olga Kravets, Maria Morina, and Oksana Yushko
    "From the Ground" is a mini series exploring the work of the Haytham Pictures photographers.
    2013 - Production: Chewbahat. Episode 1, Edouard Elias
    MONEYOCRACY is 90 minutes feature documentary. It analyses the major impact of the 2010 Citizens United vs. F.E.C ruling on the U.S democracy.
    2012 - Production: Happy Fannie - Auteurs: G. Holubowicz & JN. Guillo.

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